Escape room

Driven by adrenaline, you and your friends are sent on an adventure into the unknown. The escape and survival of this unique story can begin. The popular Room Escape in Porvoo city center: "The curse of Kalevala".

"A thunder storm forces you to stop your tourist tour in the old town of Porvoo. You decide to still visit Finland's oldest building, Borga Torpa, that has only just opened its doors. The city elder used to live at Borga Torpa, he tortured dead people by preforming horrible rituals on them, before sending their souls to Tuonela (the realm of the dead or the Underworld in Finnish mythology). It is told that wise people returned from the gates of Tuonela, maybe because of these rituals."

In addition to this escape room experience, it is possible to arrange a guided tour with the same theme and also a cold or warm beverage at Porvoon Paahtimo.

This activity is perfect for bachelor groups, private groups, birthday parties and groups of friends.


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