In the footsteps of Edelfelt

Let us explore the life of Albert Edelfelt in Porvoo!
Edelfelt (1854 - 1905) was one of the first Finnish artists to achieve international fame. He enjoyed considerable success in Paris and was one of the founders of the Realist art movement in Finland. Our day starts with a guided walking tour in Old Porvoo, in the footsteps of Edelfelt. We get to admire landscapes that our beloved artist has immortalized in his art works. We also visit the Old Town Hall's art exhibition, where we see some of Edelfelt's production. Then it's time to enjoy some free time in the idyllic old town.

Our journey continues to Haiko Manor,  where we enjoy lunch and listen to the history of the historic manor and explore the art work by Edelfelt that is displayed at the manor. We finish our trip by visiting Albert Edelfelt's atelier museum and Villa Albert.

Price 2020:  
Mon-Sat from 75 €/person, Sun from 76 €/person. The price is valid for a group of minimum 25 persons.

The price includes:
The service of a Porvoo guide for 2 hours, entry fee to the Old Town Hall, lunch and history at Haiko Manor, a guided tour in Edelfelt's atelier museum and Villa Albert and VAT.

Can be carried out:   
May - August

About 6 hours

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