Deep forest yoga and relaxation

Deep Forest™ Yoga

A gentle and caring Hatha Yoga lesson in the forest. We stretch, reinforce and balance our body and mind by Hatha Yoga. In Yoga, we listen to our bodies and reshape ourselves to fit into nature. Finally we relax on Yoga mats. The lesson is perfect for everyone, even for beginners and for those who feel stiff. The duration of one session is 90 minutes.

Deep Forest™ Relaxation

We walk together into the heart of the forest. We make easy, gentle, yet effective opening movements for the whole body using trees and stones. Finally, we sit down onto the stones and relax the whole body and mind. Deep Forest™ Relaxation in the idyllic forest is ideal for anyone who wants to experience the power of nature. The duration of one lesson is approximately 75 minutes. Deep Forest™ Relaxation is not a yoga class but a peaceful relaxation session.

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Uusimaa region

Group size:
max. 25 persons

60 - 90 minutes

Required equipment:
Clothing according to weather conditions. Seat pads are provided by the yoga coach.

Possible to arrange:
Deep Forest yoga: April - October
Deep Forest relaxation: all year round

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