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South Coast Fishing Adventures

Welcome to the Gulf of Finland to enjoy the magnificent nature

South Coast Fishing Adventures is specialized in providing high quality experiences along the southern coast line. We do operate mainly between Loviisa and Helsinki including Porvoo region. Our fleet is inspected for open sea operations by the Maritim Authorities. Our captains have charter captain lincenses and travel industry's safty license. South Coast Fishing Adventures arranges high quality fishing and boat trips on request.

Salmon trolling (open sea)

Trolling season for salmon begins during May and it continues through the summer. At the end of August the weather begins to change and the best season for trolling salmon is over. The fishing takes place at open sea about 30 min to 1 h drive from shore. It's a wonderful experience to go out there while the weather is calm and sunny. The customer nay keep the catch if he wishes so. The trip is subject to weather conditions (wind speed over 10m/s or thunder).

Sea Trout fishing

The season for sea trout fishing begins right after the ice has melted. Sea trout can be fished also while trolling salmon during the summer months. Later in the fall is an other season for sea trout fishing. Typically sea trout is fished with casting equipment around the rocky islands next to the open sea. The trip is subject to weather conditions (wind speed over 10m/s or thunder)

Zander trolling and jig fishing

The zander season begins at the end of May after the water has warmed. The season continues all the way until the sea is about to freeze again. Zander can be found on specific areas. Jig fishing (casting) or vertical jigging (angling) can be used through out the season. Trolling is an effective way of catching zander during July and August.

Pike fishing

The pike season begins right after the ice has melted. Pike can be fished through out the arcipelago area and typically casting is the way to fish it. If requested South Coast Fishing Adventures can arrange fly fishing for pike. If they use boat 1-2 fishermen can fly fish pike at the time. With floating raft there is room for 3-4 fishermen.

White fish angling

The white fish season is right after the ice has melted. White fish can also be fished during the early winter right after the water has frozen, of course keeping safty in mind. During spring season we take the boat and drive to a proper place to begin angling. Angling itself takes place from shore.