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Porvoo Tours - Company presentation

Congratulations! You have now found the pages presenting Porvoo and Loviisa region and the best tourist destination services of Porvoo Tours.

Porvoo has been selected as the best tourist destination in Finland, and how correct we Finns are! The medieval Old Town of Porvoo with its historical memories, the old town museums, the Cathedral, boutiques, restaurants, cafés and galleries attracts our guest to spend time in Porvoo.  The riverside attracts with its restaurants and cafés, as well as cruise boats which travel from the riverside to the archipelago and even to Helsinki. Porvoo archipelago is popular among boaters and the fishermen there are happy to host groups.

Loviisa s a charming idyllic maritime town with a seaside fortress and a historical old town.  Private homes in the old town will open their doors and gardens for visitors on request. Porvoo Tours take good care of the destination programs for leisure groups as well as business groups. We are specialized in serving business groups with special expertise in arranging conferences, staff events and corporate celebrations. Through our Artist Bank we can supply your events with artists and singers, clowns and magicians, as well as bands and choirs. At the same time we are happy to arrange catering, the technique, transports etc. for your event.

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