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Pilasterit - enjoy the feeling in 18th century meeting surroundings

The Pilasterit offers the most stimulating meeting environment for management meetings, marketing brainstorming sessions or other important company meetings. Do you want to organise a memorable visit for your co-workers, friends or family to the Pilasterit estate, whose main building was built in the 18th century? The Pilasterit, which is also called Loviisa Court, was a private home until the 1980s and the residence’s original cosy atmosphere has been maintained until today.


The main building at Pilasterit has five elegant double rooms. The rooms are furnished individually with rare, unique art pieces. The building, which was once a private home, has three showers and four toilets for its guests. Four guests can overnight in the unique atmosphere of the Pilasterit barn. The barn is an ideal solution for families and it consists of separate rooms both upstairs and down. The barn has a separate cooking area and both levels have their own small bathroom.

Pub and sauna

Pilasterit is the ideal location for developing team spirit, as the cosy accommodation is organized for only one group at the time. The Pilasterit hostess works to ensure a comfortable stay both during meetings and free time. The library bar offers a wide range of drinks and it is a nice spot before or after the sauna. The sauna is situated in the outdoor garden and guests can warm up and refresh inside. The beer house was built by a Czech master craftsman out of hardwood materials and besides drinks, it also serves light snacks. Alternatively, you can enjoy meals at the Degerby Grille restaurant, which is located next to it. In the morning, the cosy breakfast room attracts guests with the inviting aroma of freshly baked bread.





Loviisa downtown


Conference rom 5-14 persons

Accommodation 10 persons


Conference host, group rooms, sauna with pool, pub, fireplace