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Grand Four-Star Restaurant Tour

Grand Four-Star Restaurant Tour

A guided restaurant tour in Old Porvoo is a fun program for the entire evening. We enjoy aperitifs at one restaurant, starters in another, the main course in a third, and dessert at a fourth. All restaurants are iin the old town of Porvoo and in historical buildings.  And as we eat, the guide tells lively stories of the history of food and drink in Porvoo, spiced up with stories of famous persons and their gourmandize habits.We might hear of Ville Vallgren's pig, of a crayfish party with over 100 crayfish served, about coffee taxes etc. This is an evening for all senses. During the evening we scent fresh rosted coffee, feel the freshness of locally produced tastes and delight to the eyes we serve beautiful restaurant settings!



approx. 3,5 hours


Porvoo Old Town


10-30 persons


Finnish, Swedish, English, German, French, Russian

Price 2018:

Group of 10 persons from 80 €/person

Prices includes VAT. Drinks are charged separately.

Client requirements:

No special requirements

Additional services:

On request we can arrange a troubadour or other live music in one of the restaurants.


Year round