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Homes and Gardens in Loviisa

Homes and gardens in Loviisa

Loviisa is a green city and hidden in it's historical quarters of tree houses you can find adorable gardens!

Together with a guide, we will visit private gardens, for example a rose garden, an old garden and a versatile and blooming garden. We will also visit public gardens such as the Commendant's garden and Rosen and Ungern. The guide tells us about gardening and the life of the green city Loviisa. Lunch will be served at Loviisan Kappeli. The last stop is at Eija's garden where we will enjoy coffee.



5 - 7,5 hours

Price 2016:

Mon-Sat from 63 €/person, Sun from 67 €/person, incl. VAT. (The price is counted for a group of minimum 25 persons)

The price includes entrance fee to three private gardens, lunch, the Lovisa-guides service 5 hours, entrance fee + afternoon coffee at Eija's garden and VAT:


May - August