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Team painting

Team painting

Change your excel sheet into a paintbrush! We are offering you a chance to experience the life of a real artist. Team painting will be mentored by a professional painter. Teams of 2-4 people will work on a piece of art on large canvas based on a task given in advance.

Paintbrushes and water-soluble acrylic colors will be used enabling a rapid drying and thus proceeding with the piece of work layer by layer. The teams change their spots between each other and continue the other teams work.

Painting together is relaxing, fun, natural and experimental teamwork. The theme of the painting can be e.g. company values, the future goal of the company, colleagues etc. The theme will be decided with the artist in advance. The teams will have their paintings to remember the day. This program is nice to carry out together with colleagues sharing visions and creating together. Even though the group will be divided into teams, the whole group will have the chance to create and enjoy the experiment. In any case, it is not prohibited to paint a fellow team’s canvas.




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1-2 hours


all year round


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