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Gentlefolks merry courtyard games

Gentlefolks' merry courtyard games

This free and easy spirited program is a perfect end to a recreation day as well as conference day. The merriment is carried out in small groups supervised by instructors. The task requires only lots of good sense of humour, some slight precision and skills of hands, a little ability of problem solving and above all, well functioning teamwork. The task includes neither physically requiring nor dangerous parts. The purpose of the games is to entertain the groups with amusing but challenging tasks. At the stops you will for instance bump into the following tasks: Archery, jigsaw relay, "mölkky"(a Finnish traditional variation of Cricket ), magic potion, flying carpet, endurance test of an egg, bush-golf, sheet volley& there are dozens of track stops of which the most suitable ones for you, and the season, are chosen.








1,5 - 2 hours


11 - 120 persons




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