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Augur fishing services


Fishing trips with professional fishing guides


Augur Kalastuspalvelut Oy is runned by Erik Herlevi. The main product is fishing trips for companies and their clients. The unique archipelago of the Gulf of Finland charms all the visitors. On the boat trips group size can be 36 persons, but with partners help even more bigger events on the sea can be arranged.
Fishing is possible all year round – the sea is open from April to December and in wintertime ice fishing trips can be arranged.
You can also take  fishing trips with picnic or ice fishing trips with kicksleds. All the fishing trips include fishing licences and needed equipments and clothes. Sauna building in Rönnäs, where you can relax after succeeded fishing day.


We catch pikes in the Pellinki archipelago, a quiet and relaxed places to fish. Pikes love reedy waters near open sea. What a great opportunity to catch giant pikes!
Sea trout lives in cold water on open sea and reefs. With the fishing guide you can have great catches! The best fishing places are in front of Suur-Pellinki-isle. Hard wind or cold will  not stop us when we have proper equipments and clothes like floating suites


Augur Kalastuspalvelu Oy fishing services


Rönnäs, Haikko


Group size for fishing from boat 3-36 persons. In ice fishing and other sea events ther is no upper limit.