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Beer Tasting

For us Finns, beer is the national drink, whith very long traditions. It is also the  most  consumed alcoholic beverage in the world. But what are pils, alt, märzen, ale, porter, lager, doppel-bock, lambic, home-brewed beer ..? What is bottom and top fermented beer? How many beers do you know yourself ? What is your favorite?  Do you want to know more about beer and get to know beer better?


Invite friends, colleagues, customers, relatives  and let us know when and where you want to discover a variety of beers and to hear facts and stories about  history and present of beer.


Anywhere! But let us help find the best possible site.

Beer tasting and beer information is served by Heino Tiilikainen, Editor in Chief of OlutPOSTI-magazine and Finnish Beer Society's Honorary President.

Duration of the program and content:

  • tasting 1 ½ - 2 ½ hours, includes tasting of 5-6 different style of beer and a brief introduction to the topic, overview history of brewing and different style of beers
  • the optimal size of the group is 10 to 25 persons
  • groups of tailor made 5-500 people on request
  • price includes printed material for every participant

Example Price: for group of 25 persons 37 € / person including the preparatory work, tastings, glass rental, VAT. Beer not included.