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Eija's garden

Eija's Garden

The garden gives you Beauty and Peace! Come by yourself or with friends or a group to enjoy the atmosphere of the garden. Come to get some ideas and inspiration to your own garden. Find relaxing and calming places and details.

Planning the garden

Eija Klaucke’s garden in the village of Ahvenkoski, Loviisa, is a fascinating combination of different feelings, colours and scents. The idea of establishing an experience garden was evolved in excursions to England and local gardens there. She has got inspiration also from Snowshill Manor’s astonishing garden in England where she had her working period of gardener studies.
Eija has written several books about gardening and is also known in Finland through her life style-gardening program Pioni in TV.

Eija’s garden

Eija’s garden was found in a hectare size property by the Kymijoki -river. In the property there was already a log croft built in 1880. The croft was originally part of the Strömfors iron works, which was established by Johan Creutz in 1695. Even more challenging were the numerous piles of stones and erratic boulders from ice age. Those had to be left into garden, but the stones bring unique atmosphere and interesting allowance to the garden.
In the garden there is a mix of English Garden –style, stories of the stones and history of the croft. Variety of the garden could be seen also in precisely and regimented built areas, in untouched areas and in small theme garden areas. Eija’s philosophy is that everything can’t be seen at one look. Garden should be experience like small rooms, which opens up one at the time.


Company: Eija's Garden
Location: In Lovisa, appr. 14 km from the center of Lovisa and 50 km from Porvoosta.
Facts: Visits in the garden for individuals and groups. Garden shop.




Eija's Garden


In Loviisa, appr. 14km from the center of Loviisa and 50 km Porvoosta


Visits in the garden for individuals and groups. Garden shop.