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Bonga castle

Bonga castle

Professor, artist Riitta Nelimarkkas’ ateljer and workshop is situated in the center of Loviisa in a castle home from the Russian era.. Groups are welcome all year round

Art conference in Bonga Castle

Let you get inspired of the colorful and versatile art of Riitta Nelimarkka. Here you can arrange an uncomplicated meeting sitting in sofas. The day begins with morning coffee and after a couple hours of work you’ll take a short stroll to the nearby restaurant for lunch. In the afternoon the coffee is served to live music!

The optimal group size for meetings in Bonga is 10-15 persons.

Visits in the Gallery 

Visit Bonga Castle and enjoy the inspiring colours of Riitta Nelimarkkas’ art.  In Bonga there are app. 200 pieces of art exhibited.

The visit includes guidance, app. 45 minutes.



Bongan Castle


Center of Loviisa


Visits in Gallery and Atelier, groups of max. 50 persons

Meetings, groups of max. 15 persons