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Kiala Manor

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Kiala Manor

Kiala Manor has a long and interesting history and is one of Finland’s biggest farms. Kiala cultivates different kinds of cereals, oil plants and hay for horses. Kiala Manor is located just a few kilometers north of the Porvoo Old town. One can see the old cathedral from the assebly hall.

The history of Kiala Manor beginns already in the 1500 century. Two well known persons from our history books have strong connection to Kiala. Firstly the builder of the beautiful main building, General Carl Johan Adlercreutz (* 1757) who saw the building ready in 1796 and secondly the Finnish national artist Albert Edelfelt was born in Kiala 1854 and has made a few paintings from Kiala.

During the centuries Kiala has been owned by many families, each leaving their own marks on the manor. There is an old spirit distillery built around 1880 by Carl Axel Lewin reminding us of the great industry time. Since 1920 Kiala Manor has been owned by the mining counsellor Göran J. Ehrnroot’s family.

Conferences and festivals

In the very special and beautiful facilities you can arrange immemorial weddings, birthday parties or other celebrations. The facilities are also easy to change into inspiriting conference rooms. There are three main celebrations facilities at Kiala:
Assembly Hall: max. 120 persons
Gallery Hall: max. 150 persons
Arched Cellar: max. 80 persons