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The herring academy

Batlic Herring Academy

The cruise ship heads for Porvoo’s archipelago while the skipper yarns about the changing scenery and the islanders’ way of life, past and present. Sailing past Haikko’s historic landscapes we reach the old fishing grounds, where we hope to make a catch for our meal. The cruise continues to the outer islands, where the rugged scenery and old pilot station milieu provide an unforgettable setting for the “Baltic Herring Academy” experience. We learn to prepare a delicious fish dish in the traditional archipelago way, by grilling in a handheld grill over an open fire. We also get to taste the fish, with clear salmon soup and accompaniments as the main dish. Participants are awarded a “Bachelor’s degree in fish-grilling”, which qualifies you to practice at home. On the return voyage we visit a mediaeval refuge harbour or an ancient seine-fishing bay. Before returning to Porvoo harbour coffee and mouth-watering berry pie are served on board.



Saaristolinja Ky


4,5 - 5 hours


25 - 90 persons

Price 2013:

55 eur/ person. Minimum fee 1375,-. Price includes cruise, the services of a guide, meals, other drinks must be agreed in advance, VAT.